Behind Our Name

Jami Maine

to me, family represents the best life has to offer us. whether it’s my husband and two young daughters or my mother, father or my in-laws, family is what binds us together, inspires us, and gives us meaning and purpose. in naming my salon, i decided to reach back into my family history to my great grandfather, julius siemers and to my great uncle, monroe colvin.

although my great grandfather julius, passed before i was born, the stories told have given me an endearing picture of a man whose legacy was that of a humble yet loving man who unselfishly served god, his family and his community. monroe, my great uncle was a very special person to me. he was always kind, gentle and caring. “uncle roe” owned a barber shop and gave me the inspiration and confidence to follow in his footsteps.

so, in a very real sense, julius monroe salon and spa is in honor of my family.

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